Get Vocal ~ Singing Circles For Women 2017

Singing circles offer a safe and soulful place to breathe, laugh, learn, let go, create, and of course sing! Together we'll sing songs I've gathered from around the world, write in-the-moment jams, explore harmony and round singing, and experience the joy of community. Whether you believe you have a “good voice” or feel like you “can’t carry a tune,” you are invited to this circle. Join us! Women’s Singing Circles meet in private homes each week in sessions of six.  A single singing circle can also be arranged for existing women's groups, parties or special events. 


“Ariel is an amazing teacher, and I recommend a singing circle to everyone who loves to sing whether they feel like they can or not.”

-Amie Forest, Santa Cruz


“For me, this group has not just provided me with an outlet to sing in a joyful and safe environment, but it has also connected me to a community of women."

–Barbara Gorson, Santa Cruz


“Ariel brings our us together in song and elevates our spirits. She brings out the best in all of us -- as singers and as people.”

- Patti Bond, Capitola, CA

“Working with Ariel has unlocked an inner confidence in myself that I never knew was there.”

- Anne Lindberg

"Signing up for coaching with Ariel was one of the all-time great gifts I’ve given myself. Ariel’s way of coaching is consistently thoughtful, constructive, and uplifting."

- Mary Hegeleler