Get Vocal - Team Building

Our voice is a dynamic communication tool and a primary vehicle for expressing thought and emotion. We get vocal every day, in both our personal and professional lives. For most people, singing can be a vulnerable, even scary activity. It's for this reason that Get Vocal team building workshops are an incredibly fun and effective way to bond and inspire teams. 

Through vocal exercises, improvisation, rhythmic games, songs, poetry slams and team songwriting, participants will go away feeling empowered and motivated.


Offering An Opportunity To:

-Sing, jam and harmonize as a team

-Develop vocal awareness, power and presence

-Unify groups through rhythmic games and team songwriting



“Ariel – thank you! You really contributed to the success of the session. You have such great energy and passion. I LOVED what you helped us achieve. Thank you! Absolutely terrific!” 

-Barry Herstein, General Manager North America and Global Chief Marketing Officer, PayPal

"Signing up for coaching with Ariel was one of the all-time great gifts I’ve given myself. Ariel’s way of coaching is consistently thoughtful, constructive, and uplifting."

- Mary Hegeler, Client