Born into a musical family, Ariel grew up singing, recording and performing nationally alongside her Mom, Children's folk singer Linda Arnold. At fourteen she met two songbirds, Natalie Fields and Jemila Pendleton and together they formed the a cappella trio Mayim. Singing a wide variety of original, folk, pop, and jazz, Mayim's striking three part harmony blend garnered them the Gail Rich Award in 2008 and opening performances alongside such artists as Zap Mama and Compe Segundo. To date Mayim has released three cds and has toured internationally. The trio has been singing together for over twenty years.

As a solo artist, Ariel has performed in venues around the U.S. and Internationally, releasing two cd's of original pop folk music. You can listen to and download Ariel's songs on iTunes. Click here to listen.  Ariel's latest collaboration with guitarist, Yuji Tojo is an exploration into jazz vocal improvisations and fresh interpretations of songs by such artists as Gillian Welch, Stevie Nicks, Eva Cassidy and Nick Drake. 

As a vocal and expressive arts coach, Ariel has led a rich artistic career collaborating and studying with singers, producers, musicians, songwriters, and voice teachers all over the world. Ariel has helped thousands of students sing with more power and ease and has led Get Vocal improvisation workshops internationally. Ariel has studied voice and mentored with acclaimed vocal coach, Robert Edwards and vocal improvisation master, Rhiannon.

Inspired by the power that music and singing have to transform fear into freedom, Ariel completed her Masters in Psychology in 2011, publishing her thesis on the therapeutic benefits of voicework (singing, vocal improvisation and songwriting) for all ages. "The act of connecting to our voice and sharing it in a safe, supportive environment with others is one of the most joyful and empowering activities we can engage in." As Hafiz, the Sufi poet wrote, "Singing is what our starving world needs."

Ariel helps every level of singer, from beginner to advanced connect more deeply to their voice. Sessions can be arranged at Ariel's private studio in Santa Cruz, California or through FaceTime.