Born into a musical family, I grew up singing, recording and performing alongside my Mom, Children's folk singer Linda Arnold. It was at an early age that I saw and understood the power that music has to connect and uplift people. I began playing piano at the age seven and started writing songs soon after. In high school I met two songbirds, Natalie Fields and Jemila Pendleton and together we formed the a cappella trio Mayim. Singing a wide variety of original, folk, pop, and jazz, I gained two life long friends and a deeper knowledge of singing in harmony with others. I also discovered my passion for vocal improvisation and a cappella singing.  By my late teens I was spending all my free time songwriting, performing and collaborating with other musicians. I began recording and performing in venues around the U.S. and Internationally in my 20's and have recorded five Cd's since. For me, singing and songwriting is a spiritual practice. Making music fills me with joy. Singing keeps me bold and brave. Songwriting helps me listen to my inner voice and express my truth with the world. 

As a vocal coach I've been lucky enough to learn from and collaborate with singers, producers, musicians, songwriters, and voice teachers all over the world. I've worked with hundreds of students, helping them to sing with more power and ease and led Get Vocal improvisation workshops internationally. I've studied voice and mentored with acclaimed vocal coach, Robert Edwards and vocal improvisation master, Rhiannon.

Inspired by the power that singing has to transform fear into freedom, I completed my Masters in Psychology in 2011, publishing my thesis on the therapeutic benefits of voicework (singing, vocal improvisation and songwriting) for all ages. I believe the act of connecting more deeply to our voice and sharing it in a safe, supportive environment with others is one of the most joyful and empowering activities we can engage in. As Hafiz, the Sufi poet wrote, "Singing is what our starving world needs."

Contact me if you'd like to find our more about my voice coaching, classes and workshops. My studio is located in the Santa Cruz mountains and I also offer FaceTime sessions.