• Understand Your Instrument -body, breath, support, vocal sound.

  • Expand Your Vocal Ability - freeing your voice, gaining range and control, cultivating tone, power, ear training, music theory, and hearing harmony. 

  • Share Your Voice - language and word play, improvising, songwriting, artist development, repertoire, recording, auditions, decrease anxiety, trust your voice, build confidence.

I believe everyone has a voice and everyone deserves the opportunity to explore, expand and express it! I offer voice coaching as well as creative coaching for artists. I love fusing my passion for music and singing with a mission to empower people to find and free their voice.


Do you feel anxiety when speaking or singing? Would you like to feel more confidence, ease and joy when expressing yourself? If so, I'd love be your ally. Many people feel vulnerable or anxious when using their voice. I can help you decrease your anxiety and feel more confidence vocally. The exploration and discovery of our voice connects us more deeply to our self. Singing and expressing ourselves vocally can help us to process emotion, access inner wisdom and joy, and create a meaningful connection to ourselves and those around us. There has been numerous research on the positive effects and therapeutic benefits of singing. My passion on this subject lead me to complete my M.A. in Psychology in 2011. My thesis, “Rising Into Song” explores the therapeutic benefits of singing, vocal improvisation and songwriting for individuals and groups. http://gradworks.umi.com/14/92/1492814.html

"Ariel Thiermann, the vocal and creative coach for kids is captivating, her instruction is illuminating, and most of all, she is inspirational-eliciting self-expression through voice and song. Never have I seen my children flourish the way they have around Ariel. Not only are they budding singer/songwriters, but ultimately, empowered human-beings."  -Vikki Smyth, Los Angeles

“Ariel is a beautiful singer and gifted teacher. Combining her natural ability and lifelong experience and discipline with her amazing intuition, she inspires music in all of us.”  -Lew Nerenberg

"Ariel has guided my daughter Alice to express her voice in beautiful sound and poetry. Ariel’s artful mentoring encourages self-esteem and self-awareness."  - Chris Kaul Hudnall, Santa Cruz