Ariel has passion and an amazing talent to teach about the voice. The discoveries I have made working with Ariel have taught me that as I discover my voice, I discover myself. Learning to free the voice also necessitates freeing yourself from negative habits and ways of thinking. Ariel fully understands the process and continues to show me the way.”
— Tom Ralston, Santa Cruz CA


“Ariel – thank you! You have such great energy and passion. I LOVED what you helped us achieve. Thank you! Absolutely terrific!” 

-Barry Herstein, General Manager North America and Global Chief Marketing Officer, PayPal


“For me, the singing circle has not just provided me with an outlet to sing in a joyful and safe environment, but it has also connected me to a community of women."

–Barbara Gorson, Santa Cruz


" Ariel’s artful mentoring encourages self-esteem and self-awareness."  

- Chris Kaul Hudnall, Santa Cruz